Saturday, May 23, 2009

the markets!

Thanks everyone, for checking back and leaving such nice comments!

That last few days have been awesome! We went the upper part of Dharamsala where it is predominantly Tibet people. The market was incredible! I wanted to buy everything. I spent a pretty-penny on a BEAUTIFUL hand-painted tapestry and some woodcarvings. I haven’t had a chance to upload my photos of the market yet, but I will soon.

Yesterday, we went to the market in the lower part of Dharamsala. Which is where the home base is located. A few of us girls had to get more traditional Indian clothes. You can have them made for close to nothing. I’m picking them up next week. I’ll be sure to post a photo. I’m also planning on having a custom made dress and possibly a suit while I’m here.

We had to work today (Saturday) because we didn’t start working until Tuesday, and we needed to fulfill the five-day workweek. So for us three-weeker’s next weekend is the only free weekend so a few of us decided to leave right after lunch and head to Amritsar to the Golden Temple and to see the changing of the guard. I’m excited. It’s about a 6-hour taxi ride there. We’ll get dinner and check into our hotel and tomorrow we’ll go see the temple and the guard. So I wanted to update and let everyone know I wont be able to Blog again until Monday (my time, so Sunday in America.) I’ll most definitely take lots of photos and post when I get back!

Again, that’s for checking back!


My mom brought it to my attention that she didn’t really know what it was I’ve been doing in the day care with the kids. We’re teaching them the English alphabet, numbers and colors…we also color, play games and sing songs. It’s a blast!


  1. O the markets must be awesome to see. Take notes along with your photos so you will be able to identify them later - you always think you'll remember names and stuff but later they blur together. I know you'll get some incredible pics and can't wait to see them. What an exciting and wonderful and fulfilling trip!

  2. Wow Amber I googled the temple I bet it is breathtaking in person. I can’t wait to see your pictures from there and the markets! And you in your new garb. Take Ami’s advice! if nothing else a daily journal, eh. or I bet you could find a way to set up a labeled folder for the days worth of pictures on your camera.
    love ya hon

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures of the markets! those little kids are adorable, and you look so happy!
    I'm not sure when I'll get on next but I'm thiking about you and dreaming about your pictures!!!
    love you Miss Ambah!!

  4. amber, those kiddos are so adorable... i think it is awesome girl that you are doing this for them and how rewarding for you! I look forward to some more pics! Take care...