Saturday, May 16, 2009


After an exhausting 16 hours flying, I made it to Delhi. I spent one night in a nice hotel to relax a bit before meeting up with Cross Cultural Solutions.

They picked me up yesterday from my hotel, and brought me back to the home base, where we had a delicious home-made lunch. Only 6 of the volunteers had arrived so we got to spend the day sight-seeing.

We went to the lotus temple, which was AMAZING

We also went to the India Gate...

Well, I'm out of time to blog now, but I'll continue later.

Thanks for checking!



  1. Your right, the Temple is amazing.

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  3. madeinalaska said...
    hey hon, so proud of you.. happy to hear you arrived and your travels went well, thanks for emailing and keep us posted! love you so much..

    dave wrote:
    Hey Amber, I was there too - the gate and the temple! Glad you've arrived, and hope to hear from you while you're at the northern village. Take care. love you. dave

  4. Wow, Amber, you made it and it sounds incredible! How nice about the single room and the yoga each morning! Thanks for posting your adventures~
    Take care, Marnee :)

  5. The kids are sooo cute.
    Thanks for keeping us upbreast of the adventure. Learn as much as you can of the language, so you can teach me when you get back. I won a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean, I will be going in December!
    Love ya.. La chica LaFlex